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Speed Reading

High Velocity Reading. Comprehension. Retention.

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Fast track to success through guaranteed increased reading speed, improved comprehension and retention, and remove the dread of reading! Our experienced instructors customize our proven techniques to fit each individual’s reading needs, and employ appropriate methods of instructions that align with all learning styles. By anticipating the unique learning needs of each student, we are able to tailor our proprietary approach and successfully guide students to their goals, regardless of their starting point or possible obstacles. Our instruction reaches further than primary tutoring and equips individuals with the tools necessary to increase their potential for successes. Students are able to remove fear and dread and replace it with a love for reading.

Gain a competitive edge in dealing with your "information explosion." Our speed readers become information-targeted, and will:

  • Increase reading speed

  • Increase reading comprehension

  • Increase reading concentration

  • Increase retention

  • Increase confidence

  • Learn study skills, note taking and memory techniques

  • Textbook attack skills

  • Eliminate the dread of reading

Learn techniques for reading in a vertical, rather than horizontal fashion--taking in every word on the page. Instruction will be in general reading with emphasis on textbook skills for students.

Additional topics covered include:

  • Research methods

  • Memory improvement Mind Maps (for long-term retention)

  • More efficient use of acquired information, including how to "unblock" information when stressed.

All of this is achieved in five, two-hour sessions and can be attended in a flexible time frame that works with your schedule. Individual and group sessions are available.

We guarantee that any student enrolled in our ten-hour reading course who does not minimally TRIPLE their reading rate will have their share of the fee returned. The student must attend the course for the full amount of time and do all of the required practice. Reading rate is calculated by multiplying speed by the comprehension test score.

Check out our results!

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